Below you’ll find different articles that we’ve put together. These articles were created with the intent to provide knowledge and be used as a tool to help make you a great medical marketer. We’ll share tips, tricks and step-by-step guides for what works and what doesn’t.

Our articles will be based around ongoing topics about current events and issues that we feel can use some guidance. We aim to make your life easier while helping your practice stand out from your competitors.

Our Latest Articles Are Listed Below:

5 Ways to Improve Your Medical Practice Listings for Local SEO

What is local search and why does it matter to your practice? 5 steps to improve local search How do new patients find your practice? There’s no question that the internet changed how patients select healthcare providers. Today 70% of patients say they trust Google reviews over a

Insight Marketing Group Expands to California: A Tale of Two Oranges

Insight Marketing Group, a leading full-service healthcare marketing agency for independent physician practices in Orange County, FL, has announced their expansion to California with the opening of a new office in the heart of Orange County, CA.  Coined by the team as “A Tale of Two Oranges”, the

Video Advertising: The Future of Digital Marketing

Video advertising has become an increasingly popular form of digital marketing over the past few years. With the rise of video-sharing and short form video platforms like TikTok and Reels, video ads are now more accessible than ever. Video ads for doctors are also becoming the best way to

Staff Training: The Key to Patient Satisfaction

Why focus on staff training? What are the benefits of staff training in your medical practice? How does staff training increase patient satisfaction? How can your medical practice increase patient satisfaction? Studies show 82% of patients say the quality of customer service at a healthcare practice is the