Below you’ll find different articles that we’ve put together. These articles were created with the intent to provide knowledge and be used as a tool to help make you a great medical marketer. We’ll share tips, tricks and step-by-step guides for what works and what doesn’t.

Our articles will be based around ongoing topics about current events and issues that we feel can use some guidance. We aim to make your life easier while helping your practice stand out from your competitors.

Our Latest Articles Are Listed Below:

Monthly Marketing Tip: “End-of-Year Analytics: What to Look For”

In today's digital age, marketing is about more than just crafting compelling campaigns and understanding the numbers behind them. For ENT practices, the end of the year provides a pivotal moment to evaluate the effectiveness of marketing strategies employed throughout the year. Here's a guide on which key metrics

Year in Review: Celebrating Successes and Setting New Goals

As the calendar year draws to a close, it's customary for practices and businesses alike to pause, reflect, and look ahead. This holds especially true for ENT practices that have navigated many challenges and changes. Here, we look into the importance of celebrating your practice’s accomplishments and setting the

‘Tis the Season: Marketing Your Women’s Health Practice

As a practice manager, provider, or marketing professional in women's health, you understand the significance of strategic marketing to reach and serve your patient community effectively. The holiday season brings a unique set of opportunities and challenges for healthcare practices. In this blog post, we'll explore marketing strategies specifically

[CASE STUDY] Empowering Women’s Health: Endometriosis Quiz

Digital marketing offers many ways to reach your audience and build awareness, and with the right tools, you can use organic lead magnets to bring in highly qualified prospective patients.   In this case study, an organic lead magnet tailored to engage individuals seeking information on endometriosis led to