With nearly 1,700 accredited pharmacies throughout the U.S., standing out amongst the competition can be a real challenge.  

If you’re looking for easy, inexpensive ways for your specialty or compounding pharmacy to stand out from the crowd, start by celebrating your profession. 

National Pharmacist Day, celebrated on January 12th every year, is a an easy and timely opportunity for you to promote your specialty or compounding pharmacy. Use the holiday to improve visibility, connect with patients and referral partners, and promote your unique services.

Below, we’ve outlined five additional ideas to help you brainstorm how you can better promote your business and bring some much-needed recognition to the pharmacy profession 

Additional Marketing Strategies for Pharmacies

1 – Host Educational Webinars or Workshops

Organizing educational events such as webinars or workshops on medication management or the benefits of personalized medicine can establish the pharmacy as a knowledgeable authority and provide valuable information to the community.

We have clients who use quarterly webinars as an opportunity to deepen relationships with their referral partners.  It’s inexpensive and demands little of your time, plus hosting an event (virtual or in person) is always a conversation starter.

2 – Launch a ‘Meet Your Pharmacist’ Social Media Campaign

Introducing staff profiles and patient testimonials on social media can personalize the pharmacy experience, humanize the brand, and build stronger patient connections.

3 – Offer Special Promotions or Health Checks

Promotions on wellness products or complimentary health checks can attract new and existing customers, encouraging them to be proactive about their health and showcasing the pharmacy’s role in patient care.

4 – Collaborate with Local Healthcare Providers

Joint events or promotions with local healthcare providers can broaden reach, strengthen professional networks, and reinforce the pharmacy’s position in the healthcare system.

5 – Engage in Community Service

Participating in community service activities like health camps or medication disposal programs highlights the pharmacy’s commitment to public health and demonstrates a genuine concern for community wellbeing.

Recognizing the Hard Work of Pharmacy Staff

Acknowledging the dedication and efforts of pharmacy staff is essential. This recognition boosts morale and underscores the importance of the pharmacy profession in the broader healthcare system.