As more patients look to the Internet before making a decision about their healthcare, your website plays a pivotal role in helping you attract and retain more patients. So what should you expect with your next website?

Tune in to this extensive 40-minute webinar explaining:Your Next Website

  • What your next website absolutely must include
  • How you can connect with your patients on every page of your website
  • Tips to avoid unnecessary expenses
  • The difference between being on a top result on Google vs. the bottom of the page
  • When you should expect your website to be complete
  • Why colors and analytics can double your traffic

Of the 170,000,000 unique users heading to Google each month, 74 percent of their searches are for small or local businesses (like your medical practice).

Roughly 1/3 of patients used tablets or mobile devices on a daily basis for research and/or to book appointments. Is your website mobile friendly?

For new patients, your website has to sell your practice as the place to go for your specialty. For existing patients, your website has to be easy enough to navigate it won’t frustrate them after multiple visits.