Social media has not only emerged as a THE platform for reaching potential patients, but has become the go-to choice for those of us expecting instantaneous 24-hour feedback, referrals from our peers, a place to share experiences, to vent, and to communicate with businesses. Let the era of social media customer care begin.

Research has shown that companies that improve their customer experience from ‘average’ to ‘wow’ can see a 30-50% improvement in key measures (that means more happy customers, many of which will then share their positive experience online).

When it comes to patient interactions, it’s now vital for doctors and practice administrators to understand what the next generation of being online means, and to have a plan for managing it effectively. Mastering the art of social media customer care is a fundamental part of keeping your patients happy, resolving their problems or questions quickly, and boosting your credibility.

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social media customer care
Infographic courtesy of Website Builder.