set2_socialmediaDo you want to increase your practice’s social media reach? Need help figuring out what to post on a regular basis to increase engagement on social media?

Lucky for you, we’ve got plenty of social media tips for your medical practice.

It’s true social media can take up a large part of your day-to-day schedule (especially without a strategy). But you’re missing the boat if you think for a second that you can’t afford to find the time.

The most powerful voice in healthcare now belongs to the patient. Your patients are looking for you on social media (especially Facebook). They are talking about you on social media and the search engines are even keeping tabs to see how ‘popular’ you are on social media to help determine if you’re worthy of front page placement.

And, if you’re not there, guess who will be?  Yep: the competition! 

How can you get started on social media and make it worth your while?

Social Media Resources to Get You Started

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