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Website Solutions
Custom and mobile-responive wesbite design, bulld & optimization Included Included Included
Appointment request forms Included Included Included
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Included Included Included
Website hosting Included Included Included
Nightly website security backups Included Included Included
Monthly website plugin updates Included Included Included
Written content 2x annually 4x annually 6x annually
Visual content 1x annually 2x annually 4x annually
Landing page lead magnet - Included Included
1-hour training on how to edit, update and not break your website - Included Included
Step-by-step video/guide to update your site - - Included
Online Reputation Management
Reputation management system - Included Included
Online directory profile report / overview - Included Included
Online Directory profile claiming Included Included Included
Online directory profile monitoring - Included Included
Online directory profile review responses - - Included
Online review generator - - Included
Social Media Coordination
Ongoing social media content creation, scheduling and monitoring 2x per week on 1 social network 3-5x per week on 2 social networks 3-5x per week on 3 social networks
1 hour training on how to update & create effective social media posts - - Included
Custom social media ad campaigns to create followers and increase website traffic Included Included Included
Additional Tools & Capabilities
Email marketing newsletter - 2x annually Quarterly
Blueprint for practice growth - Included Included
Brand standards manual - Included Included
Digital advertising credit $600 $1,200 $3,600
Digital advertising campaign creation & management Included Included Included
Practice video shoot - - Included
Practice video edits - - Included
Light graphic design - - Included
Reporting & Analytics
Marketing analytics dashboard report Quarterly Monthly Monthly
Metrics & measurements guide Included Included Included
Custom conversion optimization - - Included
Training & Support
Dedicated account manager Included Included Included
1 hour strategy call - Annual Quarterly
Half hour social media call - - Quarterly
Half hour website / digital adv. call - - Quarterly

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“The team at Insight has consistently helped us rank on the first page of Google which has resulted in a measurable increase in patients throughout our 6 locations.”

Kevin, Executive Director | Orthopaedic Practice

“Insight has provided us with a constant stream of content, social media management and physician rating monitoring. Since enlisting their services we’ve seen our organic page rank on Google skyrocket with visitors to our website increasing month-over-month.”

Debbie, Executive Director | Ear, Nose and Throat Practice


Yep, you read that correctly. As part of any package, we will design and build you a shiny new WordPress website for your practice. Why do we do that? Simply put, we know you probably need one and we won’t be able to deliver at the level we want (or you deserve) unless the site is purpose-built to drive more patients from the ground up. Why don’t we charge an arm and a leg for it like other agencies? Well, we aren’t an agency. We’re a growth partner for your practice and we see the website as an investment in your continued success and our continued relationship. Your website will be 100% custom to your practice and will be built in WordPress. Down the road, if either of us decides to end the relationship, it’s YOUR website to keep, not ours.  We will transfer it wherever you like and provide you full access to all the files.

A site without search engine optimization (SEO) is like a fish without water – it just ain’t gonna work. Every site we build includes SEO on all applicable pages and posts to help your practice show up on search engines when prospective patients are searching. Additionally, all content that is created for your practice starts with SEO and is specifically created to improve your search rankings.  We won’t get into all the details on how the sausage gets made (unless you want to really know) but it’s messy and intense. The final product plumps up real nice on the grill and is really tasty with a little mustard.

Each site we build, we also host on a dedicated server as a value-add for clients. This ensures we can guarantee a 99.9% uptime so patients can always get to your site when they need it. Plus, you won’t have to pay for web hosting ever again as long as we’re partners.

If something were to happen to your site for some reason, don’t worry! We back up every website we host every night to ensure there’s always a fresh copy available in case something goes wrong (or someone breaks something they weren’t supposed to touch). Not that that would ever happen…

Technology is always evolving, and that includes website plugins on your site. These plugins allow us to integrate services and features on the site to make it all work a little smoother. Each month, we’ll update your site with the latest and greatest feature updates to improve security, performance and conversion without a silly maintenance fee.

A website should act as your living, breathing brochure. It should change and adapt to what you need it to be, in addition to driving qualified patients to your door. We include some level of written content with every partner to ensure the website continues to evolve with content that matters to patients and search engines. Long story short, our goal is to put your practice in the right place at the right time at the exact moment when your patients are looking for you. Part of the way that we do this is by creating content to help your practice organically show up on the front page of the search engines. All content that we create for you begins with research, is written by our team of content writers and is optimized for search engines. You approve the plan and we execute based on the schedule you have chosen.

Just like the written content, visual content matters to patients and search engines too, so we make sure to include something that looks cool and works to fill those appointment slots. Save

Have an area or ancillary service of your practice you really want to focus on? We’ll build a landing page lead magnet to generate qualified leads and potential appointments to your location.

Inevitably, someone, somewhere is going to want to change something on the site. Not a problem! Typically, we can handle these small changes, but if you (or someone on your staff) wants to know how to make changes and not break the website, we’re happy to schedule a training session on how to update the site without hyperventilating.

Even after the training, we know it can be tough to remember where all those pesky buttons went and what step came before pressing “Publish”. We’ll include a guide here complete with video and written instructions to help make the process as easy and foolproof as possible.

We’re going to run your NPI, license number and a few other goodies through our software to pinpoint every place on the internet where there’s a profile about you and your practice. We’ll then go in and make sure your information is correct and up to date on these sites. This includes verifying that your headshot is current, making sure your specialties are there, checking your insurance listings, etc. If you choose a plan that includes monitoring, then we’ll let you know anytime somebody reviews you online, good or bad. We monitor over 100 websites for online reviews and generally we see whatever pops up within 24 hours. If you decide to go all-in with our top plan, then we’ll actively manage your reviews, work with your staff to provide timely responses to negative reviews online and even get them removed (when possible). We can even include a nice widget on your website to showcase all your 4 and 5-star reviews. Finally, for those with the top plan, we’ll give you the option of participating in our custom solution for getting more positive reviews from your patients while addressing the negative ones before your patient feels like going to Facebook and sharing how long they had to wait or how they didn’t feel like the doctor spent enough time with them. In other words, we’ll actively work to engage the patient and encourage them to post a happy, visible response that will boost your overall reputation; and if they weren’t happy, we give them a place to vent without damaging your public ratings.

It’s great if you have somebody in your office already doing social media. Our social media program will not conflict with yours. Our social program can serve as an all-in-one solution for your social presence or it can compliment what you might already be doing. In fact, for some plans we even include the opportunity to have your in-office person discuss ideas, strategy, tactics and implementation with our team to make sure the best social content is going out.

Think of it as a brand identity guide for your practice that outlines how to use  your colors, fonts, logos, etc., for EVERY vendor you’ll EVER work with. You’re investing all this time and energy into branding your practice and you want to protect your investment, right? Whether you’re printing a banner, ordering a magnet or if one of your doctors hires his cousin’s sister to create a new brochure for your practice, you can give her a copy of your brand standards manual and she can use it as a guide to get your colors correct without asking 100 questions you don’t have time to answer. If you’re ready to step up your marketing game, you need some brand standards.

Just like the traditional advertising world, it takes money to make money in the digital space. Rather than us come to you down the road and tell you that we need $100 for this or that to run an ad on Facebook or drive traffic via Google AdWords, we just include it up front. We’ll apply your digital advertising credit across whatever media it’s going to take to help you achieve your goals. No matter where we focus these dollars, you’ll receive detailed reports so you can can see what’s working and what’s not so that, together (remember, we’re partners in success), we can make adjustments.

It’s a 100% custom, detailed marketing plan specifically for growing your medical practice. It’s the exact blueprint we’ll be using to detail the patient journey, grow your practice and execute on the deliverables we promise.

Yep. If you’ve chosen the top plan, we’ll arrange for a video day at your practice where we’ll come to you and film videos all day (doctor videos, patient testimonials, whatever you want). From this, we’ll produce 4 full videos to use when marketing your practice – think on YouTube, in-office video loops, etc. If there’s more footage than just 4 videos (and there will be), we can provide you the raw footage to keep and do whatever you like with (yes, you can hire us to edit it should you desire).

Think of it this way. You’ve got an ad somebody created for you and you need it resized to fit in a school football program. Just send it to us and we’ll handle it for you. Need a brochure or some new bio cards created from scratch? That’s not ‘light’, so we’d have to discuss a special project. Generally, light graphics are things that take 30-45 minutes or less.

Everything we do has numbers to back it up. We track as much as we can to show value for you and for us. We watch the numbers closely and adjust as needed every single day of the week. There’s no silver bullet or guarantee, but we know this works, we’ve been doing it for clients for years and we can help you too. If you need proof, you’ll have numbers to back it up.

That’s too bad. Each plan comes with what it comes with and you can’t save money by eliminating certain aspects. If you need something extra on a special project basis, that’s possible – but not less.