set2_reputationAre you frustrated by what people are saying about your doctor or practice on those pesky physician rating websites? Do you want to know how to remove (or at least respond) to these reviews?

Does it drive you nuts when you search your doc’s name and there are only two stars next to it?  Or, what about when you review your practice profile and the information is wrong (and you just fixed it last week)?

Online Reputation Management is the answer to all of the questions above. But, it can be a big time commitment and it’s a relatively new industry (at least in healthcare) so it’s rapidly evolving.

It begins by understanding what others are saying about your practice.  Then, it’s all about prioritizing what you want to tackle and what you will leave for another day. Luckily you can get plenty of online reputation management tips right here.

So, what do you need to know to take control of your practice’s online reputation?

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