About this Site

Medical-Marketing-Bullseye-300x200Dr Marketing Tips is a medical marketing learning system that has been developed with Carol (a client of ours) in mind.  Carol is a great (albeit very busy) person who works with 12 doctors at a medium sized practice in South Florida. She wears many hats – human resources, physician relations, administration and marketing.

Carol’s doctors want her to know what’s going on.  They expect her to keep their website current, attend health fairs, arrange speaking engagements, create advertisements for the practice, understand all the latest trends and generally make them look good while bringing in more and more patients.  They don’t understand why referrals might be down or why Carol can’t get that negative patient review off of the Internet. Carol doesn’t ‘do’ Facebook and hopes her doctors don’t discover it either (because she’ll be expected to take care of that too).

Dr Marketing Tips is your teacher, your muse and your secret weapon to help grow your medical practice.

We give you the tools and knowledge you need to be a great medical marketer.  We share best practices and show you step-by-step what works and what doesn’t.  Our templates, tips, worksheets and ongoing ideas will make your life easier while helping your practice stand out from your competitors.

What You Can Expect:

  • A few articles a week discussing the latest marketing tips, tricks and trends your docs are asking you about (like the ones they clip out of the trade association magazine or forward you via email at 1am)
  • Webinars a few times a month on topics like Reputation Management and Navigating Social Media Trends
  • eBooks, whitepapers and resource guides free to download (with more added regularly)
  • Help forums where you can get answers to questions from peers in the medical marketing community

About the Team



We’re not just some website that’s popped up claiming we can help you. We’ve lived in the marketing world for the last 15 years and since 2006, have been hands-on day after day helping medical practices grow.  Outside of this space, we spend our days inside medical offices helping doctors, office managers and administrators attract and retain patients.



We started Dr Marketing Tips because we’ve learned over the years that we can’t be inside every office and that every office doesn’t necessarily need full time help.  Sometimes, it’s just one or two people that need a few good ideas, a little direction and the tools necessary to shine in the eyes of their physicians and give them a leg up on the competition.