Using Marketing to Attract
and Retain Employees:

Where HR and Marketing Converge

The healthcare industry is not immune to what’s been dubbed, “The Great Resignation.” Just about every practice is feeling the pinch that it’s harder to not only find new talent, but hold on to the employees they have.

The solution? Use your marketing team’s expertise to attract, on-board, and retain employees. The same strategies that build your brand and attract patients can build your at-work culture and attract new talent.

Who should attend?

  • Practice managers
  • HR specialists 
  • Administrative support teams for independent practices 
  • Employers in the healthcare space

In this course you will learn:

  • How using social media properly can show off the fun side of working at your practice
  • How marketing techniques can help you cut through the clutter of online job boards and stand out to potential employees
  • How marketing a message to your employees is just as important as marketing a message to your patients

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