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Free Healthcare Awareness 2023 Calendar

Nearly every month of the year has a health holiday or observance, and there are also a number of awareness months that your patients and staff would love to know about. You also don’t want to miss chances to celebrate with your practice’s followers.

Whether it’s Breast Cancer Awareness,  American Heart Month, or Halloween, you want to set up your practice’s social media and email marketing to increase engagement. To help you get on track, we created the 2023 Healthcare Holiday and Observances Calendar, so you don’t have to.

Never miss another healthcare holiday or special observance

Know all the important healthcare holidays and awareness dates with the all-in-one 2023 Healthcare Awareness Calendar.  It’s easier than ever to plan your social media and email content.

Some healthcare awareness dates included are:

  • Heart Month
  • Doctor’s Day
  • Nurses Week
  • Hospital Week
  • Breast Cancer Awareness Month

With this free calendar, your practice can:

  • Build timely marketing materials for your practice
  • Create a strategic social calendar around important dates
  • Increase patient engagement around holidays and awareness

Download the Healthcare Awareness 2023 Calendar