Analytics show the majority of patients are starting to access your website from their mobile device (phone or tablet). In fact, for some of our clients we see as much as 70% of traffic coming from mobile devices, and that’s why your medical practice needs a mobile website design.

Think about it. Ever notice the Facebook desktop website completely sucks (sorry, Mark), while the app runs seamlessly on your phone? It’s because Facebook knew early on the majority of users were shifting over to a mobile-first mentality and they wanted to be ahead of the curve. Well, the curve is here whether your practice is ready for it or not.

In this episode we explain why desktop viewing is becoming more obsolete, and why it’s so important to embrace mobile viewing (sometimes called responsive web design) as soon as possible by focusing your efforts on making sure your practice’s page is mobile-friendly and optimized for seamless searching.

Tune in to discover:

  • Lessons from Facebook’s early focus on mobile-first for audience targeting and ad campaigns
  • How to leverage Google Analytics to better understand your practice’s audience, such as time-on-site and organic search terms
  • Why a mobile-first strategy doesn’t inherently exclude older audiences
  • How focusing on mobile optimization now is an investment in future growth
  • How a mobile first strategy can help your practice better succeed in advertising, reputation management, and patient retention


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