All good content-driven inbound marketing strategies for your medical practice start and end with one thing: storytelling.  That’s right, your ability to tell a good story will determine how effective you are at capturing the very limited attention of your potential patients.  A good story will attract, engage, inspire and generate a call to action (appointment request or referral) for the patient.  he difference between a good and a bad story?  Well, that’s just a click away.  

The difference between a good and a bad story?  Well, that’s just a click away.  

In this week’s episode, Jenn and Corey went live on Facebook (something they often preach) to unpack a recent article by Think Google discussing how technology is changing brand storytelling.  The article features four leading industry experts talking about how some of the biggest brands are taking advantage of technology to vie for the attention of the potential customers.  

So how does Lockheed Martin’s Field Trip to Mars and The New York Time’s Daily 360 help you tell a good story and attract more patients?  For starters, the successes seen by today’s biggest brands can be idea jump starters for your medical practice marketing.  Think of your patients and physicians as your audience and your leading actors. Then, think of social media as the delivery mechanism, like the movie theater or television.  

We’ve all got stories to tell and it’s time that you incorporate the art of storytelling into your inbound marketing strategy.

Tune in to Discover:

  • How one doctor we work with blew up Facebook with his simple, unscripted, totally memorable live video
  • One tried and true storytelling method to ease patients into their first appointment and reduce their anxiety
  • Why talking about the really cool stuff you do can set you apart from your competition plus you’ll hear first hand how one orthopaedic surgeon gained tremendous market share with a single Facebook post
  • How much money you need to spend to guarantee that people pay attention to your stories

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