How a Bad Mobile Website Can Hurt Your ClinicThe dawn of a new era has arrived: mobile has finally overtaken desktop as the primary way people access the web. In this podcast, we discuss how a bad mobile website can hurt your clinic and your reputation both online and offline.

Websites in some sectors now report that as much as 85% of their traffic comes from mobile (some of the practices we work with see as much as 65% or more of their traffic coming from mobile). The user experience now dictates how websites look, feel, and function; and with a poor user interface, your conversions and new patient numbers may begin to decline.

In this episode, we’ll discuss what you can do to optimize your practice website and get more patients through the front door with ease.

Tune in to Discover:

  • 6 things your medical practice can do to enhance your user’s mobile website experience and drive appointment conversions
  • Why having a mobile-friendly website is vital to medical practices in this day and age
  • Takeaways you can do TODAY to make sure your website is optimized to the best it can be
  • Quick questions you can ask your web company to ensure that your website is mobile responsive

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