Is your practice active in the local community? Do you use local events to help attract and retain more patients? If you’re not, you’re missing out.

Sure, your marketing plan may have all the potential in the world to benefit your practice. But, how do you get from point A to point B? Just like when you travel, you’ll need an efficient vehicle to take you (a.k.a. your practice) where you want to go.

That’s where grassroots, or local marketing, comes into play.

Before Diving Into the Community

Grassroots, or local marketing, can connect you to hundreds of potential patients in a short amount of time.

Assess your individual goals before determining which methods you’ll use to achieve the best results from your efforts.  But whatever you do, be sure to track everything so you know you are, in fact, achieving positive return on your investment (ROI).  Mix up your tactics or consult with a specialist in the field of medical marketing if you are not seeing positive results. Odds are these experts know what they’re doing more than you when it comes to this stuff – no offense.

Tips When You Go Grassroots

One of the most commonly used tactics to increase patient count and brand identity for medical practices just like yours is grassroots marketing. Participating in your community is one of the best ways to establish yourself locally and get on the good side of potential patients.

Outreach efforts such as supporting local youth or adult sports teams/leagues can be included in this effort. Also worth consideration would be to participate in community health-themed events and even donating time to help your favorite local nonprofit organization. Be sure to take plenty of pictures when you and your staff volunteer to share on social networks and post around the office or in newsletters, etc.

The focus of grassroots efforts is to build strong relationships in the trade area versus selling your mission.  These efforts are generally low-cost and create a positive, warm and fuzzy feeling between patients and your practice. They will put you in direct contact with hundreds of the people you are trying to win over in just a few short hours. Bang for the buck doesn’t get much better than this.

Remember, sometimes the best investment is time. Building up “goodwill” within the surrounding community will do nothing but create opportunities for growth, but in the short- and long-term.