Your response? “No problem. I’ll get right on it.”

But in your head, you picture yourself screaming and ripping out your hair trying to get this graphic design masterpiece done. You don’t know how to do graphic design, nor do you have the programs, images, budget or time to get something done that looks professional.

So you start thinking of all the steps:

  • I’ve got to come up with some descriptive text
  • I have to call / find someone that can do graphic designer
  • Go over concept, changes, adjustments and more via email
  • Show the physician
  • Get back with the designer for edits (which could take at least a day)
  • Repeat over and over until it’s approved

If only there was an easier way…

Here’s the Easier Way

This is a situation we’ve seen happen time and again at medical practices we work with. For our own needs, we also constantly need graphics to create social posts, flyers, posters, holiday graphics and more.

It can seem like just as much work explaining what you want to a designer as it is to try to create it yourself. So, here’s how to create it yourself.Canva_Insight Marketing Group_Marketing for Medical Practices

It’s called Canva, it’s free and it’s awesome.

Canva has dozens of free templates to help even the most graphic design challenged of us create something spectacular in just a few minutes. Social media graphic sized just right? Check. Flyer templates? You bet. Poster designs? Sure thing. It’s all there and most of it the templates are free.

They even offer a design school to walk you through the elements of great design for the ‘non-designer’.

Here’s What You Need to Get Started

Gettings started with Canva is super easy, and dare I say, even fun. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A browser open to
  • Your practice logo in a .PNG format (that means there’s no background)
  • Your practice colors
  • Stock images you want to use in your art (if you don’t have any, you can purchase them from Canva starting at $1)

That’s it! Good luck creating your next masterpiece (or that YMCA event flyer – whichever comes first).

Disclosure: Canva had nothing to do with this post and we were not paid to promote or endorse them in any way. We just think it’s a great resource and thought you would too.