Need more patients? Then market your practice!  It’s easy to get lost in the day to day of what’s going on inside the walls of your busy medical practice, but there are things going on in the outside world that are on everybody’s mind. Consider creative ways to become top-of-mind with your potential patients and take advantage of news cycle items including holidays to help get your medical practice some easy press.

Here’s a video of what we’re talking about:

It’s Back to School season and parents, teachers and students are thinking about what to wear, how to prepare, class schedules, etc. Our ENT client’s Voice Care Center wanted to do something to promote themselves during this hectic time of year, so we put together a simple page promoting ‘Back to School for Teachers: Keeping Your Voice in Shape‘. The promotion allows us to promote some great voice care tips and a video about overall voice care from the doctor.

Here’s the video tied to the promotion:

Being relevant to a current news cycle is a great way to get your medical practice some good publicity and a nice way to help improve your online reputation. In the State of Florida, the State Legislature recently passed a new law requiring that all high-school athletes receive clearance from a physician after receiving a concussion related injury. Our Orthopaedic client saw this as a great opportunity to promote its new baseline testing concussion program for area high schools. Not only were they able to create some great content for their website, which will go a long way for their online reputation management, but they have received a good deal of traction with the program too.

Here’s the video by Dr. McCleary explaining the new Florida Concussion Law and how it impacts the student athlete.

Sometimes you need to create a reason to market your medical practice. Our client’s concussion program now has in-office signage, doctor videos, handouts for parents, articles, etc. and is building traction.