In the competitive field of plastic surgery, staying ahead requires innovative approaches to attract and retain patients. This case study explores how Insight Marketing Group employed a strategic lead generation and nurturing campaign to help a facial plastic surgeon build a steady stream of informed and motivated rhinoplasty patients.

The Problem:

The challenge was to increase patient acquisition for our client, a facial plastic surgeon who wanted to increase his rhinoplasty consultations and procedures. To address this, we needed a comprehensive strategy that generated leads and educated and nurtured potential patients, empowering them to make informed decisions about their rhinoplasty journey.

Campaign Overview:

Insight Marketing Group implemented a multifaceted approach that involved creating an online self-qualifying quiz and developing a 6-email follow-up educational series. This strategy aimed to attract individuals interested in rhinoplasty while providing valuable information, building trust, and ultimately converting them into patients.

Self-Qualifying Quiz:

Our first step was to design the self-qualifying quiz that allowed potential patients to assess their candidacy for rhinoplasty. By completing the quiz, users self-qualified and joined the mailing list to receive further information.

Email Follow-Up Series:

Following quiz registration, users received a carefully crafted 6-email follow-up series. Each email was strategically timed and packed with specialized content addressing common concerns payment questions, and showcasing the expertise of the facial plastic surgeon. We utilized videos and patient testimonials to build authority and instill confidence in our potential patients.


New Rhinoplasty Leads

The self-qualifying quiz attracted and engaged individuals interested in rhinoplasty.

Open Rate

Our email campaign achieved an impressive open rate, surpassing the industry average of 22%. This indicated that recipients were actively engaged with the content.

Conversion Rate

A remarkable 17% of email recipients made the decision to become patients. This equates to 1 in 5 recipients, demonstrating the campaign’s effectiveness in nurturing and converting leads.


Our approach produced a steady stream of informed and motivated patients and contributed to a significant conversion rate that exceeded industry standards. This case study is a testament to the power of lead magnets and automated lead nurturing campaigns in transforming patient acquisition for medical practices.

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