Endometriosis Quiz for Healthcare Lead Generation

Digital marketing offers many ways to reach your audience and build awareness, and with the right tools, you can use organic lead magnets to bring in highly qualified prospective patients.  

In this case study, an organic lead magnet tailored to engage individuals seeking information on endometriosis led to a boom of nearly 120,000 patient prospects, effectively connecting them with comprehensive resources on our client’s website. With email automation, these prospects were encouraged to seek consultations and become patients at our client’s practice. 


Our primary goal was to create an engaging endometriosis quiz, serving as a lead magnet to connect with women actively seeking information about endometriosis and related healthcare services. We aimed to attract these prospects and guide them toward considering our client’s fertility clinic for their needs.


Endometriosis Quiz Result page for Healthcare Lead GenerationTo address our objective, we implemented a strategic solution:

Identifying Endometriosis Queries: Through in-depth research, we identified prevalent search queries related to endometriosis, symptoms, and treatments. This allowed us to target individuals actively seeking information about this condition precisely.

Creating an Informative Quiz: We developed an engaging endometriosis quiz using our research. This quiz was a lead magnet to help those curious about endometriosis symptoms. We followed up with resources, offering valuable insights into endometriosis symptoms, potential risks, and available treatments. Participants accessed the quiz by providing their contact details.

Follow-Up Engagement: Participants entered our lead nurturing system upon completing the quiz. We engaged them with personalized follow-up messages discussing endometriosis management and the specialized services offered by our client’s fertility clinic. We included easy appointment scheduling links to streamline their healthcare journey.


Over 15 Years of Practice Growth for Our Clients.

Leads Generated

The endometriosis quiz has attracted a staggering 119,488 leads since 2020, indicating a robust engagement among individuals actively seeking information about endometriosis.

Local Impressions

In addition, the campaign drew in local awareness. As we relaunched our client’s website and built the campaign around this quiz, the website experienced a boom of traffic from new visitors who matched their target audience in their city.

Conversion Rate

A remarkable 91.4% conversion rate was achieved, signifying the effectiveness of the quiz in compelling participants to provide their details for further engagement.


Group of Women representing potential lads for clientThis case study exemplifies the power of targeted organic lead magnet campaigns. The endometriosis quiz effectively connected with women seeking information about this condition. By understanding their informational needs and offering valuable insights through the quiz, we successfully directed them toward considering our client’s fertility clinic for a follow-up. 

Paired with targeted outreach efforts, our lead magnet significantly contributed to engagement, generating nearly 120,000 leads with an impressive 91.4% conversion rate. This study highlights the significance of tailored lead magnets in guiding prospects toward considering specialized healthcare services while fostering meaningful engagements.

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