An independently owned Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) practice faced the challenge of attracting more allergy patients to their practice.

They needed an effective marketing strategy to boost their patient acquisition efforts in this specific area.

woman sneezing or blowing nose due to allergies

Campaign Overview:

In response to the ENT practice’s need, Insight Marketing Group implemented a comprehensive marketing campaign to increase the number of allergy patients by leveraging local targeting factors, A/B testing, and strategic audience insights.

Local Targeting and A/B Testing:

We initiated local targeting efforts to address the issue at hand, allowing us to tailor ad content to address specific local concerns. This approach aimed to make the messaging more relatable and engaging for the local audience.

A/B testing was instrumental in optimizing our approach. By comparing different ad variants, we identified the most effective messaging and visuals that resonated with prospective allergy patients. This iterative process enabled us to refine our campaigns continuously.

Lead Generation and Monitoring:

Throughout the campaign, we monitored and matched leads to the ENT practice. We collaborated closely with their sales team to score leads and adapt messaging for ongoing relevance and engagement. By the end of the campaign, we had successfully doubled patient matchbacks, demonstrating the effectiveness of our approach.

Audience Insights and Channel Selection:

Leveraging audience data, we pinpointed specific targets within the local area, ensuring that our ads reached the most promising leads. We also carefully selected the channels where our ads garnered the most clicks and engagement, maximizing the campaign’s impact.

Appointment Conversion Rate:

One of the notable outcomes of our campaign was the exceptionally high appointment conversion rate. Introducing a new digital appointment booking experience allowed prospective patients to schedule appointments with allergists easily. This streamlined process ensured that leads were efficiently converted into appointments.


Over 15 Years of Practice Growth for Our Clients.

Total Leads Generated
Conversion Rate To Appointment
Scheduled Allergy Test

With a campaign spend of $24,541.48, our strategy delivered a potential revenue of over $205,000+ in just three months. These results underscored the increased lead volume and the tangible impact on the independent ENT practice’s bottom line.

This case study highlights our commitment to simplifying marketing for our clients and helping them address their specific challenges. We achieved the desired lead volume by understanding the independent ENT practice’s need to increase allergy patient leads and tailoring our approach accordingly. We ensured a significant portion of leads became scheduled allergy tests.

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