Branding Your Medical PracticeDo you use your employees to help brand your practice? Want to know how you can increase their loyalty and branding power in the community without creating a lot of work for you (or them)?

Here’s a few tips to help you with branding your medical practice.

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Employees Are Your #1 Brand Advocates

Your employees are your brand and if you train and reward them properly, they will become your biggest brand advocates.  They literally will go out into the world (at lunch or after work of course) and market your practice for you.

Make sure your employees understand what your practice is all about – your philosophy if you will. In other words, they should know the jist of your practice mission statement.

Employees should understand:

  • The history of the practice including why these doctors came together in the first place
  • Why your doctors originally chose to pursue medicine including their specialty (usually because they wanted to help people or because of something personal in their upbringing)
  • The story you want told in the community (it should be the same story you’re your telling and living in the office.  ‘Walk the talk’ type of thing)

Equip your employees with silent tools to help them be your brand advocates.

Do your employees wear scrubs on a daily basis in your office?  Do you require a uniform?  If you answered yes, then put your logo on everything.

Why?  Because your employees are only at work 8 hours each day.  And, before work they are dropping their kids off at school and maybe running into the convenient store for coffee.  At lunch, they are running errands and going out to restaurants. After work, they’re hitting the grocery store and probably running more errands.

Every errand or appointment they go to is an opportunity for somebody out there to see your practice name and interact with your best brand advocate.

Employee Recognition Events

Every year there’s a holiday (usually in April) set aside to recognize your employees.  Make a big deal of it (this means putting a few dollars in your marketing budget to make this happen).

This doesn’t have to be fancy or difficult.  It just has to be meaningful.

Our suggestion is simple: order lunch and give your employees something from the practice:

  • A lunchbox with your logo on it
  • A water bottle with your logo on it
  • A tote bag with your logo on it

Get the picture here? Feed them and give them something. But give them something that’s going to give back to the practice. Your gift should be a utility item that everybody needs and will use.

Invest in a quality item that people will use and your employees will help market your practice to the general public day in, day out.

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