Blow Patients AwaySometimes successful marketing is as simple as about going above and beyond to deliver a great customer service experience (especially in today’s age of self-referrals and online reviews that can make or break your bottom line).

You’re probably asking, “But, we’re all so busy, what can we do to change the service experience at our office?”

What a timely question! In this episode of the Dr Marketing Tips podcast, we share 5 simple things you can do to blow patient’s away without creating a ton of work for you or your fellow staffers.

Patients will love your office for it, and you’ll look all the better to those guys in white coats that sign your checks.

Tune In to Discover:

  • The 5 little things you can do to blow patients away and make someone’s day
  • Why reputation management is not just one thing you are doing – it’s everything you are doing
  • How being active in the community can have a positive effect on the patient experience from day one
  • Key differentiators you can implement to stand out from the competing specialty office down the street

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