Audio-SeminarIn this Audio Blog, Jennifer and Corey discuss ways you can reward your employees for a job well done without breaking the bank.

You’ll hear how to create an employee recognition day and how you can reward employees for going above and beyond.

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Establish Employee Rewards and RecognitionDo you need a few easy ways to establish employee rewards and recognition ideas?

Can your office benefit from having more engaged employees?

You bet.

By this point you’ve asked your employees to participate in social media, upsell your ancillary services and provide honest feedback for improving the practice, right? Right? So what do you do next for all their hard work?

You find a unique way to reward them.

Rewarding your employees isn’t necessarily about money.  More often than not, it’s about recognition and making people feel like they matter.  And guess what?  Employees do matter.  Big time!

Reward and recognize your employees for a job well done

It’s easy to establish a monthly employee recognition program.  This allows your employees to recognize each other for helping out their peers or for delivering over-the-top customer service.

For instance, we have an orthopaedic client who has a clever program they put together a few years back wherein they recognize employees for a job well done.  They call it the ‘Bones’ program.  It isn’t so much the program that makes it fun (it’s your standard employee incentive program), but rather the delivery of the recognition that makes it memorable.

Each month they deliver small plastic ‘bones’ on the back of a remote control car to the employee being recognized.  In the back office, you’ll hear the car revving up and driving up and down the isle of cubicles until it reaches its destination (usually with a big crash) to deliver the bone.  Employees collect bones for prizes but more than that, the delivery of the monthly program provides a few moments of levity to the often stressful and tedious grind of back office operations.

Employee recognition days

Create a day once a year to recognize your employees. Grand total for planning? Less than two hours (and that’s if you’re really taking your time).

Make a big deal of it and consider:

  • Theming the day
  • Creating an invite and sending it through your intranet (or email)
  • Printed invitations
  • Signs in the breakroom

This doesn’t have to be fancy or difficult.  It just has to be meaningful.

Our suggestion is simple: order lunch and give your employees something from the practice. Everyone loves pizza. Hint, hint.

  • A lunchbox with your logo on it
  • A water bottle with your logo on it
  • A tote bag with your logo on it

With your gift, you want to offer something they’ll like and enjoy, like a quality T-shirt or tote bag but that also advertises your practice to the community when it’s used. Your gift should be a utility item that everybody needs and will use.

Invest in a quality item that people will use and your employees will help market your practice to the general public day in, day out.

Oh, and be sure to take pictures. If you don’t take pictures, the event never happened. The images will come in handy when you’re putting together your end of the year review, upcoming social media posts and/or holiday cards.

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