Investing in a new website for your medical practice is exciting and critical. Before diving in, ensuring you’re making informed decisions is paramount. Here are five key questions you should pose to your website developer before moving forward:

Ownership and Control: One of the most fundamental aspects to clarify is, ‘Who owns the website once it’s completed?’ You must retain full ownership and control over your site. This ensures you can make changes as you see fit and that the site reflects your practice.

Maintenance and Support: Websites require regular upkeep to stay current and functional. So, ask, ‘What type of ongoing support and maintenance do you offer?’ Knowing that you’ll have the necessary support for regular updates, bug fixes, and other technical issues is essential.

SEO and Performance: Your website’s visibility on search engines and the overall user experience are crucial. Therefore, inquire about how the site will be optimized for search engines and user navigation. This ensures that patients can easily find and use your site.

Adaptability: The medical field is dynamic, with constant advances and changes. Your website should be able to accommodate these shifts. Ask, ‘Is the website platform adaptable and user-friendly for future updates and changes?’ This ensures longevity and relevance for your site.

Security Measures: Given the sensitive nature of medical data, security is paramount. Therefore, you should ask, ‘What security measures and protocols are in place to protect patient data?’ Not only is this about legal compliance, but it also concerns the vital trust of your patients.

Clarity is key when committing to such a significant investment as a website. Don’t just focus on getting your practice online; prioritize doing so effectively, securely, and with foresight. 

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