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We’ve got you covered with our 10 Tips for Marketing a New Physician and New Doctor Checklist PDF (available free for members – find out more about becoming a member here).

Marketing a new physician for your medical practice can be a little intimidating.  There are a lot of expectations when a new doctor is coming on board and when it comes to building a patient base for your new doctor, the expectations are usually on you to make sure the goods get delivered.

Below are 10 tips for marketing your new physician and building a patient referral base to help get you started:

  1. Create a poster to put in your lobby to announce your new physician to your existing patient base.  Check out 4 Easy Ways to Take Advantage of Your Captive Audience to see why this works.
  2. Add your new physician to your website and collateral materials.  This includes your brochures, signage, advertisements, etc. Your new doctor needs to be on everything.  Don’t forget you need to create a bio card for him/her as well.
  3. Draft a press release and send it out to all the publications in your area (television doesn’t typically pick up an announcement like this).  Make sure that you include a photo with your release.  If nobody picks up your announcement, don’t despair because it makes great content for the news section of your website.
  4. Create a postcard mailer and send it to all of your physician referral partners. Make sure that you tell them about your new doctor, their specialty and credentials.  Aside from letting other doctors know what you have going on, you’ll also be making sure that your practice remains top of mind with your referral partners.
  5. Get your doctor’s CV and claim their profile on the relevant physician rating websites.  Make sure that you also add them to your Facebook page, Google+ account and any and all social media accounts that you have for your practice.
  6. Create a Get to Know the Doctor video for your new physician and put it on your website.  Turn this video into a written transcript as well so it doubles as searchable, original website content.
  7. Establish some written content – Q&A with the doctor, common practices, etc.  This new content will come in handy when you are trying to get your new physician to show up in search results.
  8. Take your physician out on the town.  Well, not literally, but do spend some time each day during light clinic hours to take your physician physically out in your community to personally meet potential referral partners.  This doesn’t need to be tough, it just needs to be done.  Walk into an office, tell them you are there to introduce your new MD and ask for five minutes with the doctor.  This won’t work if you don’t have your new physician with you, but you’ll be surprised how fast you get to see the doctor when you have yours with you.
  9. Schedule speaking engagements for your new doctor.  This is a bit harder to do once they get busy, so take advantage of it while you can.  There’s always a senior center, health club or group out there who is looking for a good speaker.
  10. Pair your new physician with another, seasoned physician from your practice.  Ask the more seasoned physician to help him/her get acquainted.

There are so many ways to build a patient base for your new physician but like everything else, you’ve got to have a plan. Follow the above tips and check out the checklist below so your new doctor can hit the ground running.