doctor-300x243Take a look at where you are getting your best referrals now and work to strengthen those existing relationships.

We see so many offices that assume they will always continue receiving referrals from their trusted relationships, but it’s important to remember that relationships take work. You must continue to connect with people. Always assume that there is someone else out there trying to earn the same business that you’ve already got and it’s up to you to continue cultivating those relationships, doing everything you can to ensure those referral sources are still strong.

Doctors: We do a lot to help you manage these relationships.

We drop off lunch and branded merchandise, take wine during the holidays, mail your holiday cards and drive all over town making sure your best referrals are being thanked regularly.  Still, the NUMBER 1 most effective method for increasing referrals is for YOU to dedicate some time to do it yourself.  Pick up the telephone or schedule lunch with the office where you are seeking more referrals.