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We’re a Full-Service Medical Marketing Growth Partner for Independent Physicians

Since 2006, Insight Marketing Group has been providing full-service marketing solutions to independent medical practices (and only independent medical practices) of all shapes and sizes to help attract and retain new patients without creating additional headaches.

Medical practices are unique beasts unto themselves (especially with some of the personalities out there… not that we’re going to name names), and that’s why it’s of the utmost importance to work with a small, dedicated team who understands what you do and how to best showcase the benefits and outcomes you offer patients. That’s where we come in.

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Dr Marketing Tips Podcast

Tune in weekly to the Dr Marketing Tips Podcast where we share first-hand, our experiences working inside independent physician practices, so that you can grow your medical practice easier, better and faster regardless of your current marketing skill level.

Listen to our latest episode on the right or click here to see our full library of episodes. If you’re new to marketing or you’re simply looking to brush up your skills by hearing what’s working and not working for other medical practices, then this is the show for you.

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What Our Clients Say

“The team at Insight has consistently helped us rank on the first page of Google which has resulted in a measurable increase in patients throughout our 6 locations.”

Kevin, Executive Director | Orthopaedic Practice

“Insight has provided us with a constant stream of content, social media management and physician rating monitoring. Since enlisting their services we’ve seen our organic page rank on Google skyrocket with visitors to our website increasing month-over-month.”

Debbie, Executive Director | Ear, Nose and Throat Practice

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“The team at Insight is great! They’re so easy to work with and have helped our practice improve our branding and attract new patients. Everything they do is data-driven, yet still has a personal touch. I can ask them a question and get an answer right away. They rock!”

Jessica, Director of Operations | Fertility Clinic 

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