Your People. At Their Best.
Just 8 Minutes Per Week.

The Medical Employee Engagement & Training Platform is a powerful toolbox to help your office train, retain and engage employees – from millennials to boomers – without adding more work to your already full plate.

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Step 1 | Sign Up

Unlock all of our medical office employee training and dashboard tools built to benefit you and your staff.

Step 2 | Engage and Train

Employees are given individual logins to access on-demand medical practice-specific training courses. Each course is broken down into easy-to-digest 8-minute modules.

Step 3 | Test and Verify

Once a training module has been viewed, employees take the quiz to verify completion and enhance retention. Admins are sent notifications and quiz grades in real-time.

Following course completion, a new one will become available. New courses are being continually added.

Step 4 | Recognize and Inspire

As quizzes and courses are completed, employees are rewarded with certificates, digital “badges” and points, which can be redeemed for custom practice swag*.

*Additional fees may apply.

Step 5 | Monitor and Coach

Results can be used during employee evaluations and throughout the year to coach your team to reach their potential and reinforce why decisions are made.


75% of patient interactions are with a member of your team and not the physician.

Empower. Engage. Retain.

Together, our courses provide powerful and tactical examples, methods and solutions to engage, train and measure your team, ultimately improving the patient experience, protecting your reputation and creating a culture you can be proud of — all with minimal time/effort on your part.

More than just a measurement or survey, our courses are taught by medical business professionals and built to provide real-world examples and stories to help employees understand their role in a modern medical practice. With our intuitive reward system, employees are consistently recognized for making progress and you receive all of the data you need to make decisions that drive company success.

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